Team Wally

LoveWally.com is all about the real life adventures of Wally.

Wally is a rescue dog from Mississippi who now proudly resides in Maine. A combination of Labrador, Dachshund and Jack Russell, he windsurfs, kayaks, swims and leaves no dog bowl unturned looking for just the right products to bear his name. You can count on Wally, and LoveWally.com to always be “sniffing” out new toys, clothes and products for dogs and dog lovers.

Every day Wally wakes up with his tail wagging, anxious to work, play and be the chief tester, engineer and CEO of LoveWally. He is always making new friends, ready for adventure, and is ADDICTED to ball throwing. Rain, snow, sun nor hail will stop him from leaping into the truck, goggles on, tail wagging and eyes on the road, ready for adventure.

Wally loves being the spokesdog for a woman owned company; LoveWally.com.   We proudly design all products in the USA , with “doghouses” in Maine and California, where every day Wally watches for the paparazzi, while he points out new products and ideas for us to develop. We use only the finest garment-dyed ringspun cotton in our shirts to make them super soft and Wally’s dog goggles are shatterproof, and offer the highest quality UV protection for your dog’s eyes. Only the best for anything that has the LoveWally.com logo on it; your assurance of a paw stamped approval from Wally!

Keep your eyes on Wally, as he adventures and finds new ”Picks of the Litter” to bring into the pack.




MyHoovesandPaws is honored to be a part of the LoveWally.com team.