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As pet parents, we want to feed our precious furry family members only the best foods and treats, but in a sea of options, it can be hard to find the best products. Here at My Hooves and Paws, we offer a wide range of dog treats and dog chews, but we’re especially excited about the newest addition to our collection. That’s right, we’re talking, of course, about Earth Animal®. If you’ve heard this name before, it’s probably because they are one of the most popular brands offering natural, organic food, treat, and wellness care options for dogs and cats with one goal in mind: to supply pet parents with healthy and nutritious food options that provide pets with high-quality food made from human-grade ingredients.


Today, we’ll take a look at one of the most popular alternatives to rawhide dog chews — Earth Animal® No-Hide Dog Chews. Visit  our Top Rated Local® online pet store to shop our collection of Earth Animal® dog chews and treats for your furry best friend.

Safe Alternative To Rawhide Treats

Dog parents have become much more concerned about what they feed their pets in the last few years and with good reason. With a myriad of affordable dog treat options that are truly much safer, formulated with natural ingredients, and made with their health and wellness in mind, there’s really no reason to opt for anything else. When it comes down to it, rawhide is simply difficult for most dogs to digest. Plus, when they bite off large chunks, these become hazards that can cause choking or internal obstruction.

No-hide chews are a safe alternative to rawhide treat because they are completely hide-free, made only with natural ingredients that make them enjoyable for your dog.

Nutritious Dog Treats

Earth Animal® No-Hide chews are sourced and made in the USA. The ingredients such as beef, chicken, salmon, and pork are all sourced from humanely-raised animals. The best part is, these dog chews are free of added sodium and sugar, with a relatively low calorie and fat percentage.

Long-Lasting Dog Chews

Earth Animal® No-Hide Dog Chews are meant to entertain your dog’s desire to chew while also providing them with a healthful treat that tickles their taste buds. The chews range in size from No-Hide™ STIX for small dogs and cats to an 11-inch no-hide bone for giant dogs weighing more than 75 pounds. Depending on your dog’s size, jaw strength, and chewing abilities, no-hide chews can last anywhere between 15 minutes and upwards of an hour.

Made From Human-Grade Ingredients

Earth Animal® is the brainchild of Susan Goldstein, her veterinarian partner, Dr. Bob Goldstein, and their co-founder, Leigh, their beloved Golden Retriever. The Goldsteins believe that our pets should eat high-quality foods that support a healthy, wellness-driven lifestyle that is not much different from our own. Together, they devised a balanced recipe of wholesome, sourced ingredients for their pet foods and chews that could not only improve, but maintain our pets’ health, happiness, and longevity, which they wanted to share with other pet parents.

Award-Winning Dog Chews

Based on their,  “We Believe, We Support, We Salute,” code of ethics, Earth Animal® has grown in popularity by dog and cat parents in recent years. Their dedication to creating the highest quality pet foods made from wholesome ingredients — which pets everywhere simply can’t get enough — has earned them several awards. Their awards include a 2017 Top Three Award by the Pet Age Readers’ Choice Awards, as well as first and second place Best In Show winners in the Natural Pet Category at the Global Pet Expo.

Get Your Supply Today!

Earth Animal® is definitely a natural pet food brand every pet parent can get behind. As a Top Rated Local® online pet store, we couldn’t be more excited to offer our shoppers and their furry family members a pet food brand that is dedicated to promoting the health, wellness, and happiness of pets everywhere.

Ready to enhance your pup’s health, wellness, and happiness? Visit My Hooves and Paws to shop for the highest quality pet supplies online, always offered at the lowest prices. You’ll find several  Earth Animal® no-hide dog chew options made with love in the USA for your furry friend to enjoy for hours. Give them dog chews and treats that you can feel good about. Shop today!


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